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What do we offer the user?

Through a study conducted for the project "I'm Brand Andalusia" "Andalusia Open Future Telefonica" have created the premises governing philosophy of "I Am Brand Andalusia" which are:

1. ANONYMITY (Not anything goes, privacy at all)

2. REWARD (recognize the work of users)

3. OPPORTUNITY (Not to be heavy)

4. COMMUNITY (contribute, create, attitude, work, experience)

5. UNEXPECTED (surprise and create memories)

6. DIGITAL MEANS VIRTUAL (touch, feel, believe)

7. CONCENTRATION (you for me for you, interest)

8. LIFE (ideas for improving the lives of others)

These eight premises are in the philosophy of I Am Brand Andalusia.

We want users to actively participate with partners, that they are gratified by their faithfulness, we provide them to all genuine and pleasant experience, interact and not just to buy but by common interests, without giving all the details of their lives, only they and their feelings and desires, without disturbing or abusing their spaces,

letting them create together with partners new products and ideas, creating synergies and participatory work, ultimately trying to improve the lives of the entire community Andalusia doing a much better socially, without losing their identities.

"I'm Brand Andalusia" differs from the rest because it is global, there is no segmentation, tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, handsome, smart, less smart, geeks, young, old and older, discipline, clumsy ... NO a thousand times NO.

Give points for consumption, award redemption, share experiences, create new, be social, be part of a community and basically increase interaction with the brand or product.

We are a brand that does not belong to the companies, but to the communities that use us; we are a brand that does not represent an idea, but we are the sum of the ideas of those who acquire us; we are a brand that does not speak, but part of the conversation between; and we are a brand that you do not consider a customer, but a member of our community.

YSMA is built on the pillars of Interaction, Social and reward, as well as the Gamification.
As we have said before we want the consumer to personalize your experience with us and share in ways particular with other consumers who purchase during a series of challenges and rewards for their interaction.

Consumers claim to be protagonists of history, be present at the talks, to be heard and projected, and especially feel control over their surroundings.


Una comunidad, única y especial, en la que creemos en nuestros productores, en nuestros artistas, científicos, profesionales y en nuestros artesanos, amamos nuestra tierra, todo lo que puede ofrecer, porque todo lo que somos es gracias a ella y gracias al esfuerzo de todos los andaluces.

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