The shoes are the perfect conductor of passion in the dance, his sole resounds on the stage at each heels and transmits the passion of flamenco, but also of the ballroom dancing. The firm Roberto Garrudo knows it well that's why his copies are authentic works of art, both for professionals and amateurs, for women and men. They also have flamenco skirts and tops or cardigans. The store, in the Sevillian capital, lives flamenco art and is appreciated in each of its accessories.

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Una comunidad, única y especial, en la que creemos en nuestros productores, en nuestros artistas, científicos, profesionales y en nuestros artesanos, amamos nuestra tierra, todo lo que puede ofrecer, porque todo lo que somos es gracias a ella y gracias al esfuerzo de todos los andaluces.

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