Do you need an expert company in the field of solar thermal energy, photovoltaic solar energy and biomass?

The care for the environment is one of our premises of Alumbro. A sustainable society with a lower consumption that directly affects the monthly expenditure is the goal we have pursued since we founded the company fifteen years ago. Today we have formed a great team of engineers and professionals with long experience. We install and mate solar equipment for hot water, stoves and biomass boilers, we manage subsidies for new installations with efficient energy. More energy quality at a lower price.

We offer the following services:
  • Stoves and Boilers of Biomass-
  • Solar equipment by thermosyphon for domestic hot water
  • Grant management
  • Renove Plan
  • Service, Advisory and Technical Projects
  • Facilities
  • Energy efficiency


Santo Domingo, 32 Bjo.

41567 Herrera - Sevilla


T. 954 012 462 - 600 511 489

C. info@alumbro.com

W. www.alumbro.com

F. https://www.facebook.com/AlumbroRenovables

T. https://twitter.com/alumbrorenovabl

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Una comunidad, única y especial, en la que creemos en nuestros productores, en nuestros artistas, científicos, profesionales y en nuestros artesanos, amamos nuestra tierra, todo lo que puede ofrecer, porque todo lo que somos es gracias a ella y gracias al esfuerzo de todos los andaluces.

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